21 Marc, 2024

Miduga Contest 2

Dear Revheads!

The 2nd Miduga contest is open!

Moving forward to building more complex setups, now you can test your skills on Yanagin Forrest and the Booda Dooga Salt Lake's Bullet Run race!

While the Yanagin Forrest challenges you on a tarmac circuit and requires a well-behaved car, Bullet Run requires you to build the fastest setup to reach the highest top speed using Miduga or Rotary parts!

You have 1 week again, the contest will close on the 27th of March!


  • Removed previous contests
  • Added Yanaging Forrest Miduga and Rotary Contests
  • Added Bullet Run (Doodga Lake) Miduga and Rotary Contests
  • Fixed Logitech F310 UI controls

Have Fun!