21 Marc, 2024

Miduga Contest 2

Dear Revheads!

The 2nd Miduga contest is open!

Moving forward to building more complex setups, now you can test your skills on Yanagin Forrest and the Booda Dooga Salt Lake's Bullet Run race!

While the Yanagin Forrest challenges you on a tarmac circuit and requires a well-behaved car, Bullet Run requires you to build the fastest setup to reach the highest top speed using Miduga or Rotary parts!

You have 1 week again, the contest will close on the 27th of March!


  • Removed previous contests
  • Added Yanaging Forrest Miduga and Rotary Contests
  • Added Bullet Run (Doodga Lake) Miduga and Rotary Contests
  • Fixed Logitech F310 UI controls

Have Fun!

21 Marc, 2024

Miduga Contest Standings

Dear Revheads!

As of today, the 1st Miduga Contest closed and the 2nd has been started!

Here you can find our driver's total scores and positions in the contest series!

We have 3 more contests to go, so keep collecting racing points to win the ultimate grand prize!

20 Marc, 2024

Miduga Contest 1

Dear Revheads!

One more day before we close the first Miduga contest! Check the current results and try to beat the best!

The next contest starts tomorrow, so be prepared!

12 Marc, 2024

Miduga Contest 1

Dear Revheads!

We are celebrating our 7th birthday during the whole of March!

As part of this celebration, we are organizing community contests, where our players can challenge each other in a single-player environment.

As a birthday special release, we have added a brand new car! Based on Japanese Classics, with the tweak of Revhead, Miduga has been born! The new car comes with new contests! We are organizing 4 contests each week. Each contest will last for 7 days. The rules will be the same with the difference being the track where they are hosted on!


  • Miduga only you are only allowed to use Miduga's and Generic's parts
  • Rotary 400hp you can use all the cars in which you can fit a Rotary and can modify them as you desire, as long as it doesn't exceed 400 Horsepower!!

🥇 Winners!

The best lap times of each Contest win! The top 10 positions will receive a score. The 1st will receive 10 points, the 10th will receive 1 point. There will be an ultimate winner announced at the end of all contests. The one who made up most of the scores will win our ultimate Prize!

💬 How to participate?

Send a screenshot of your best time from the race lobby to our Discord server or by email to support@revhead.com

Each contest will take 1 week long! Make sure you send your results before it's deadline!

  • The first started today 14th of March Thursday and will end on the 20th of March, Wednesday.
  • The second will start on the 21st and end on the 27th.
  • The last one will start on the 28th and end on the 4th of April.

During this month, we are celebrating our 7th Birthday with new content and new contests!


Bringing a new import car into our game with a high rpm rotary 2 engine gives a fresh breath to those who love to tinker around or just like something new! Based on a legendary classic, a sporty car with a pop-up headlight and a rotary engine makes this new car stand out from the rest. Easy to drive, fun to race!

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Dear Revheads!

Our Budget Run Contest has been closed and here you can find the best 5 results.

We would like to thank for everyone who is participated and helped to hype it up!

While this contest is closed, stay tune for the next one!

Budget Run Contest - Results

We have made a new special event available for you as part of our Economy Fest!

In this new event, you have to race with a car under a given budget. This is a special event, where there is no entry fee, no money to win in the game and your car also won't get any racing point! However, if you participate in our contest you can win some cool prizes from us!

Where can I find these events?

We have added Budget Run into 3 races:

  • Backyard
  • Gutta Oval
  • Gutta Drag

How to participate?

You can always see your best time in the race lobby, you can send a screenshot from the Race Lobby:

  • We are managing the contest under our game server at Discord. Post your results with the screenshot under the contest channel!
  • Make sure you send your fastest time!
  • The winner is the one with the fastest time!

Alternatively - if you don't want to use discord:

  • STEAM users can post a screenshot in Steam (While running the game, use F12 to create screenshot, then use Shift+Tab to select and upload the image)
  • Xbox users can send by email to support@revhead.com


Are you a true car enthusiast? How about a super charged twin turbo setup with over 2000 hp? Build your dream car and dominate races on street, drag or circuits. Be the best be a Revhead!

Revhead is now available on Xbox One S/X and Xbox Series S/X!

Update #40 breaths new life to the sounds you hear in the game. From the engines to noise of the wind crashing againts your windshield everything is changed for better immersions. The change of the sense of speed while throwing around your car on the various tracks is immense, makes you feel like you are really there chasing the perfect laptime. Backing up into your driveway also feels different, the whine of the straight cut gears going reverse is also there. Now the neighbours will hear you cold starting your Buthangbang Special, from the American V8s and the Italian of the Magura, to the Japanese engines of the Panania and Kanji everything got a new and more fitting tone.

Not only we updated the sounds and background noises of the game, we also continued our quest of bettering the performance and fixing bugs for a smoother gameplay.

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Update #39 brings some modifications and new free content in the game as supporting our new Night Vision DLC.

As always, we give aways some content for free in the main game. This time you can win or found in newspaper some of the Night Vision DLC contents. While you would need to buy the DLC to unlock all the features, this update brings some of the content for your for free.

We have fixed several bugs, updated our translations, modified environment lights at night as well as tweaked our headlights for better performance. Also, added some new limited night races, which has time limits to enter.

  • Support for Night Vision DLC
  • Added some free content from Night Vision DLC
  • Tweaked environment lighting for nights
  • Updated road materials for better lighting effects at night
  • Added new Night Races
  • Limits of taking petrols moved down from 1000 to 50 for Gas Guzzler Achievement (so you can unlock in one lifetime)
  • Show times in Race Lobby
  • Bug fixes

22 Marc, 2023

We are starting this year with a new update to improve underground racing. The last update introduced a new Airport, while it was "empty", without any racing. Now we have brought night races in the airfield, in a bit of a special way. it is only available at night with some party feeling.

The airport works as an airport at daytime, but at night it will be a location for drag race.

We hope this little update will make the game more enjoyable, especially for those who likes underground drag racing.

Also, we have added support of Steam Deck.

  • Added new race location to the Airport (only open at late night)
  • Added some new brand limited race for night race at Airport
  • Fixed some AI related braking issue at drag races
  • Fixed duplicated controller issues
  • Fixed some localizations
  • Game now supports Steam Deck

A long time waited wishes is Achievement. Xmas just passed, New Year is almost here, so what better time to give you this new feature!

Achievements are now available for all Revheads!

Since the game is out since years, not all achievements can be automated. If you've played the game already, some of them will be added automatically after loading your profile. Those which had no information in your game save will need some actions to activate. i.e. if you already have all gold medals you will automatically get the awards, however the "First Car" award will come only when you buy a car, even if you did it already.

We wish you a Merry Xmas and also 30% discount during Winter Sale!

  • Added 39 Achievements
  • Added Polish localization
  • Added music to Intro
  • Fixed showing start balance on profile page (Easy:$100K, Med:$10K, Hard:$100)
  • Stability fixes


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Silence is always a sign of some big work in the background!

This time we had a lot to introduce to you! Almost all of it was requested by our players and since XMas is coming, we decided to give you those as our gift. While we are not finished all we wanted, we believe it is a good time to release what we have so far!

First of all, the game has a new beginning with a cut-scene intro, which starts from a newly added Airport. While your Uncle Charlie drives you back to your Motel, he introduce the game for new players. He gives you hints about what can you do in the game and put you into the motel as start.

Many users complained about our tutorial, since it was a bit too hard for some players and took too much time for those who knows what and how to do. So we made a new in-game tutorial, which is balanced for both groups, much easier, yet introduce everything you really need to know to get started.

The game also comes with new game modes: Easy, Medium and Hard. While in Easy mode you get plenty of money and an already ready to race car, the hard mode gives you not much to start with, so you have to work hard to get your first race car ready to race. Game modes also changes AI and race times, to make it easier to win if that is what you choose for.

Another major changes is the full controller support! This means you can now play through the game from start to finish using your game controller. You won't need switch between game controller and mouse or keyboard during the game. For those, who don't have game controller, we also made it easier to use everything from keyboard with shortcuts. All important shortcuts is shown on the screen to make it even more easier for you.

As always, we did many bug-fixes and this time another huge performance optimisation. Our beta testers sent us very positive results, the game started up on old computers, which was not even able to play it before.

We are also worked - and still working on Achievements. We have added dozens of it to the game, but this is still under testing, so you have to wait a bit to get it released. It is very close, but need more time to test properly, that is why we decided to delay this part and not include it in this release.

Working with a music composer, Roland Roos, we have created new musics into the game. Each were made especially for Revhead.

Finally, we have 2 more new languages Italian and Polish. While Italian is already in this release, the Polish will be released in the next update or patch.

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It is our Birthday Special Days, as you might know, Revhead turned to 4 years old. While our discount is still on for another week long, we are releasing new content as well. This is one of the best time of the year to grab your copy of Revhead!

New Tow Car

Update 32 brings a new tow car into the game! Previously, the only car, which was supporting tow equipments was Jingu, now you can use Narnoo as well. Get a proper T-Bed and install a Narnoo tow system on it to get your own Narnoo Tow Car!

Night driving

This version is introducing lights in dashboards to support a better night driving feeling. All instruments has it's own lighting from now on.

Community made

As an appreciation of our community member's help, we have added new car setups, made by some of our community's members. We would like to continue this path and looking forward for more community's members to create special car setups for us! Thanks for all the help we are receiving from you guys!


As part of our Birthday Specials, we have made a new DLC: Convertible Pack. This pack brings roofless versions of our cars into the game. This DLC is a supporter pack, you don't need it to play the game, but it gives you some extra and it helps to support the development!

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20 Marc, 2021

We are celebrating our 4th year anniversary!

Another year is just passed, a very hard one with tons of problems all around the world, yet we are still here and we are celebrating again!

Revhead is 4 years old! It's amazing to look back in our timeline and see all those comments, people who helped us, challenges we had made and the community that building around our game.

Four years ago, we have started with an early bird, testing if the idea of Revhead would work at all. We had a 60%+ review rate, which was not the best, but just enough to see a reason to go forward. Today, we are receiving tons of positive feedbacks and climbed up to very positive rank, which shows us that our hard work worth it. We could not make it so far without our gamers and supporters! BIG THANKS for THEM!

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Finally, after many months of delay, we had been able to fix and accomplish all the required changes to be able to release the latest version of our game on Mac App Store as well. As a result, you can download the very latest version of our game from Mac App Store, including our popular Turbo DLC.


It's new year and we have something new to show!


Many of you love to work on cars, but you are pretty much limited inside the garage. We want to move some of these jobs outside of the garage too, into the streets, pitstops and more. Outback could be a dangerous place and nothing is worst than broke down there with your car. What you would need is quick car recovering or towing service. So, here we go...

Jingu as a Tow Truck

We have added tow truck into our game. As first step on this road, we've made an installable tow equipment for T-Beds, which can transform your truck into a tow truck. The towing device equipped with a crank to pull cars closer to your towing truck and with a draw bar to make it easier to tow into a garage. All you have to do is stand front or rear of the broke down car and attach the hook. If the car is on it's side or on it's roof, stand at the sides of that car to roll it back to it's wheels first. You can find broken cars around Noordu and sometimes Charlie will ask you to help him out with finding and towing in some broken cars. There is a short time you need to wait between two of these missions, so if you only want to go for towing missions, use the motel to sleep one after finished one. All you need to do is to find and tow the car into the garage or detach at the front of Charlie's garage and get yourself in the garage to talk with Charlie.

Multi gauges

When it comes to instruments, there is a huge limitation regarding the dashboard. Some dashboard can accommodate only a few instruments, while others can much more. We have more and more instruments coming and this is getting a limitation, which we want to ease, so we have added multi-gauges. These devices integrate multiple instruments into one, so you won't eat up that much space on the dashboard.

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Dear Revheads,

If you missed Halloween sale, it's time again to grab your copy and enjoy a 20% discount, including Turbo DLC!

Grab Revhead here: Steam Store

It's time again for an update! This time we were focusing on car handling, controllers and physics, while we've also moved forward with adding new beds for another UTE, Wanja!


It's been a long ride since we've started and finally now we can enjoy driving as we've designed years ago! We have updated our tire models and fixed some "outdated" code. As a result the game has much better controls, even on keyboard! From now on, controlled drifting is not only a wish, but reality!

New tire gauges

We have noticed during beta testing, that many of our users did not understand tire's heat factors, simply because you cannot see it. You have to be a real racer to understand and feel what is going on without any help, so we decided to add tire gauges. These new gauges helps to show each tire's operating temperatures and you can get them in multiple format for small gauges to built into tachometer as well. We want to keep it simple and keep the "era" of the game, so don't expect digital temperatures or pressures, instead some leds to show the temperature level of each tires.

Wanja has removable bed

Our plan is to make most of the UTE's bed removable, this time we have added this feature to Wanja UTE.

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25 Sep, 2020


In the next few months, we are going to roll out several performance and graphics updates. As the first results of this progress, we have gained 2x-3x faster game! (Previously some our test rig was able to reach only 50-55 fps, now it's running on 160fps without any issues.) Also as part of this progress, we have changed many of our materials on the cars. Rust, dirt, paintworks are replaced with a better and much faster one. In the previous releases, when your parking was full, or when you started a race, you have to wait long seconds to get each car loaded. Now it is almost instant! Also, as the first few small steps, we have replaced our main avatars (Charlie, Player male and female) for better looking models. (more to come..) If you still have any issue with performance, try VSync on/off, or lower you resolution first. The game should run fine in full HD, but if your rig is weak, start with going for a lower resolution first, then use less drawing distance and quality settings.

New body parts

We are introducing beds for UTEs. First, we have made 2 new beds and made it possible to remove the old one, so you have 4 options now: no bed, standard bed, T-Bed and Flat Bed.

Driving avatars

Finally, our NPC and drivers sit inside the cars and driving! A feature, that we all waited long time to have it! It makes the game more fun and more realistic as well.

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27 Jun, 2020

Finally, we have finished all of our cars interior design! This means, we have now Kanji and Jingu interiors also included in the game.

Jingu comes with a two-colored metal dash, big steering wheel with a simple but stylish design.

Kanji has two interiors. The basic model comes with two-colored carpet and seats, while the SE edition got dark leather interior.

We want you to have more challenging races and more fun, therefore we have improved our AI. As part of this improvement the auto shifting logic was also improved to keep the cars in the best gear as much as possible.

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It is time to handle those endless list of parts many of you collected during the past few years. We have introducing boxes, which allows you to organise your stuff. Any parts which will be removed from your car goes into a box. Every car has it's own box, but you can also move parts to other boxes including trash or favourite for easier management.

We have also added boxes to the back of your ute and pickups, when you are delivering something from a shop, so now you can see if you have something in the car.

If you like Magura, you will love this update! As we are working on our interiors, this time Magura gets a real classic one. (Only two more cars to go and we have all cars covered!)

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It's Revhead's Third Birthdays, so we have made some special contents with a special price for You!

First of all, we have fixed many issues, which was reported by our players. We also added more then 20 new components, upgraded our supercharger and turbo models and added a new "Gift" features, which allows you to win components if you win some of the races.

One of the most important changes is the new Air Scoop system, which is not only a visual customisation, but also important to feed your turbos with enough air. If you are using stronger turbos, they might not get enough air from the engine bay, so you need to provide some extra with adding air scoops to roof, hoods or headlights. Also, air temperature is important factor. Using intercoolers you can cool down the air to provide more power.

We have decided to release our first DLC with one of the most wanted features: Twin Turbo and Twin Charged engines. On the other hand, we also want to keep the game fun without the DLC, so we have added many parts to the base game as well as gifts. If you don't have the DLC, you can still unlock most of the DLC contents with playing the game and win them on races. If you have the DLC, you can go to a shop to buy those, whenever you want, if you don't have the DLC, you need to win them and pay more attention to keep them in working state!

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We are preparing Revhead 3rd Birthday, so we did something new again!

While we are busy with testing and preparing our new update, we would like to give you some insight!

Update 26 and our very first DLC content will bring tons of new content to the game, so it is time to get crazy about customising your ride! The new release will bring more then 70 new components, including twin turbo setups, intercoolers, air scoops and many more!

During the next several weeks, we are also going to organise game events and give-aways to bring as much fun we can!

Are you a youtuber or twitcher? This is the best time to contact with us!

Stay tuned!

18 Feb, 2020

New year, new update! We have improved our physics, added a new feature for those who love to spend their time to restore wrecks and used cars and we have interior for Panania.


As we continue on adding interior to each cars, next on our list was the famous Panania. It is one of the favourites of many of yours, so we decided to make it.


We have fixed many issues and tweaked our simulation for better control and more realistic behaviours. Previously we had issues with some setup, where RPM could rise or drop way to quickly. It had many other side effects to driving since your wheel was spin or almost stop within less than a moment. Not anymore! All car's and setups work as we designed, no more rpm jumps and strange behaviour during drift, burnouts or just try that big oval with high speed following the top line all the way. All these, which we could not do properly before are working now. We also found a serious bug in the suspension, which caused many side effects, including frame drops and other nasty issues. Fixed!


We have a new feature, restoration! While you could already buy a wreck and fix it, you could not make much profit on it. It was simply better to just salvage and fix parts, then sell them apart. While previously a full restoration from a $2000 wreck would cost you $3000 and the profit after making it perfect would be negative or just around the cost (ie. Walea), now fixing a wreck could cost you a lot, in this example $7000. If you don't have the money you can do what you did before, but if you have the money and you fix the car (body), then you start a restoration on that car. The restoration goes until you either sell the car or check the price. If the car is "restored" the price will be restored to a brand new car, if you do a perfect work, you get some extra too. It is up to you to fully restore a car or not, but you will get much more money if you do, in our example with the Walea wreck, you can make +10K profit, but using a Magura you can make 30K or using a race / expensive car even more. As bad the wreck, more time needed more cost with bigger profit at the end. (if you finish it well) We hope this will help for all of those who reported the lack of profit when you try your best to do a full restoration.

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24 Dec, 2019

Turbo upgrades for L4 and L6 engines

It's XMas, so what would be better time than now to give you one of the most wanted - if not The Most Wanted -, feature of this year: TURBOS!

In case, you are just planning to join to our game community, we have a 50% discount during Steam Winter Sale!

We are introducing the first batch of turbos with this update, designed for linear engines. We have noticed, that our low end L4 and L6 engines are quickly get replaced, since not much racing setup available for it. No twin exhausts, no superchargers, which made them less interesting in racing. We aimed with this update to fix this problem and give a new life for all Linear engines, make them competitive in racing as well.

The current update contains turbos and manifolds with turbo extensions and boost gauges for only those brands and cars, which have linear engines: Walea, Wanja, Camira, Kanji and Panania. You can mix any turbos with any engines, however keep it in mind those are all designed for a specific engine and rpm / cfm range, so they will might work amazing or not that good at all. Just use a manifold with turbo extension to mount any of the turbo.

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First of all, let us introduce the new Narnoo UTE, the perfect 4x4 for any work. A reliable 4x4 with lighter body and more place for your stuff, ideal for all terrain.

We are also continuously working on multiple developments in the background. Part of it, we want to make each car's interior complete. At this time, we have Narnoo and the new Narnoo UTE updated with new interiors. We have improved our AI for better overtaking and faster driving with better balance for novice vs pro players and npcs. Multiple players noted, that L6 engines cannot be used in other cars, which makes them less useful. We have change it, so now you can swap L6 engines in multiple cars. While some cars are too small for the long L6, you can fit L6 into most of the cars from now on. As always, we've also tried to locate and fix most of those issues, bugs, which we have found or received in the last few months.

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