blog_screenshot Kai's got my goat a bit over the past few days... He's one of the local mob, and a good mate, but sometimes he can be a real nong. I’d been workin' my ring out for weeks to build him a sick speedway car... and he went straight out to Gutta and pranged it...

It's kind of what you'd expect from a Revhead, to just jump in and fang it for all it's worth. But really, you should get your head around how the car handles before you put it in a race. Even if you know the track inside out and back to front. Never ever sell your car short... or my skills as a mechanic, for that matter... and also make sure you don't overestimate your own ability.

Kai's going to be putting in some hours in the garage over the next few weeks, 'til he's scraped together enough to bodge his Buthanbang back together. This way maybe he'll pull his head in from now on.Lesson learned.

My nephew arrives next week, so it should be plain sailing from then on.


Over the last few weeks I went for a stickybeak at all the tracks in the area. Drag racing's all the go round here. A lot of the Noordu locals are mad keen on street drags, and they're always up for a run against a new comer.

If you're looking to become a pro though, Gutta's the place to go.

The two fastest tracks in the area, in the same place. No speed limits. Choose from doing the loop on the oval or challenging someone to a drag. Both track surfaces are specialised racing tarmac with some serious grip. It's not unheard of to hit speeds of over 260kph here.

Popular among the locals. You can make easy money in just seconds... without wrecking your car… if you’re lucky. You can race for money; or pink slips, if you're game, but you'll be looking for a new ride if you lose.

If you're just finding your feet, this is the best place to learn. Build your ride, try it out, and get the best time you can. But don’t forget to check your tyres before the race. If you can get your hooks into some actual drag tyres for your car, you'll feel the difference.

The tri-oval track's an awesome place to take your car, wind her out, and see what times you can pull off. 260kph is easily reachable on this track, if you've got the right ride, so records here are hard to break. If you're up for a race, keep in mind, it'll be against real Revheads! Shift down into corners, and back up again, out... don't hit the picks, or you'll be stuffed!

Heya, mateys!

I've gotta say, I love this place!

The blokes around here are real gear heads. They've been pushing me to spill about my old racing techniques and how I build such great cars. I've been showing them a bit. In return they've been giving me a tour of all the local speedways and out of the way race spots.

I wish I could keep hanging out with the boys (and girls) but I’ve got to keep the garage going.

Now that I've got a feel for all the tracks in the region, and I've even picked my favourite, I'll give you the rub, but first I have to finish getting the servo ready for opening.

Race season's about to start!

You’ll hear from me soon.

P.S: My nephew still hasn’t gotten back to me… I hope he's still coming.


It's been flat chat around here for the past few weeks, but the garage is finally finished.

It was really quiet here when I first arrived, quieter than I expected, so I cleared and graded a small race track in the backyard to have some fun. A few days later a bunch of locals were already racing here. Most of the cars were bombs, so I gave them a few tips and a bit of a hand doing them up. They're already pushing me to open the track to the public and build some cars to have a run on it. It seems they have the dosh, but don’t know much about building race cars. A track like this might just come in handy for doing some testing and practice runs.

I tell you what, though, I could use some help around here. I've invited my nephew to come give me a hand. I'll be stoked to see him, it's been donkey's since we were last in the same place at the same time. He used to be an absolute petrolhead. With his help I'm sure we could build some beaut cars here.

Fingers crossed he'll get back to me soon.


I'm Charlie.

As a kid I spent all my time around cars, learning as much as I could about them. Later on I did my trade as a mechanic and really started getting my hands dirty, pulling down and rebuilding cars and engines. After that I started race driving. Just for myself at local speedways to start with, but then went on to driving for race teams on bigger tracks at bigger race meets. After I stopped driving I kept working for all the best teams as a mechanic. All the Revheads around Oz know me by my rep.

I'd done everything I'd ever dreamed of, except one thing, so I decided to retire and settle down. Now I'm going to open my own Mechanic's in Noordu. I’m just moving in. Life is really quiet here, well except the racing. Occasionally I'll fix a few cars, go watch a race, and maybe sometimes I'll go out for a race too.

My mates keep calling me. They reckon I'll chuck it in and head back to the big smoke to get back into the excitement of racing again.

That's why I started this diary. To keep them up to date with just how ‘dull’ life can be around here...